Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Tip No.15 - How To Get A Job In Advertising, Part I

Okay, I've decided to tackle the big one.

And it is a big one, so I'm going to break it down into several parts.

First of all, I might as well answer the most commonly asked questions, because the answer is really very easy.

I've only just left college, is it worth me contacting the headhunters?


What about schemes like Cream, The Book Club, and the Diageo Scheme, are they worth applying to?


Is it better to work on my book, or try to get placements?

Do both

Okay I've got a placement. Is it better to work hard in the agency I'm at and try to get a job here, or keep working on my book and go for jobs wherever they come up?

Do both

Is it better to see small agencies or big agencies? Multinationals or hotshops? Lots of different agencies or repeated visits to the ones we like best?

All of the above.

In short, why would you not do something that could help you? Do it all.

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SchizoFishNChimps said...

Absolutely right. Because you NEVER know from where or when your first break will come.

I do wonder though whether the routes into advertising differ depending upon the discipline you aim for e.g. if you want to be an art director then do you have to go to St Martin's College?
Planners and account managers can come from eclectic backgrounds.

I suppose you've reserved these for your forthcoming tips...?

Scamp said...

Well, all my tips are for creatives really.

But you are right, planners and account handlers have very varied backgrounds.

It's not just Oxford nowadays, there's one or two from Cambridge as well...

Anonymous said...

I agree. Networking is the overarching skill and that means sticking your foot in every door and taking every avenue.

You'll either get in quicker or find out quicker if it's not for you.

(Writer from
www.theadvertisingagency.blogspot.com - because google won't post my URL)

Stanley Johnson said...

I had a young team come and see me two weeks ago. They'd finshed their degree in November and were complaining that they hadn't managed to find a job.

I couldn't believe they were saying this. Surely nobody expects to walk straight into a creative dept. Everyone knows landing that first job takes time. Don't they?

They'd only been out of uni for four months and they'd already done freelance at three agencies. And yet they were complaining.

I put them up for a job I knew of and they got it. They rang to tell me and guess what, they complained about the money they were offered.

As my Dad always says, kids today - don't know they're born.


Many good points. Certainly having a strong partnership helped us through until we got hired.

Another thing you need to survive is the right, well enough paid, part-time job to pay the rent. One that doesn't involve you working til 2am in the morning. Not many of them in London, but if you can get em it makes life that little bit easier to bear.

David and Phoebe said...

Hi Scamp, know of any good headhunters apart from the usual kendall tarrant, Liz H ?

Any help greatly appreciated.