Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I thought Nike taking business out of W&K was inexplicable.

But maybe this article explains it (apparently Nike feel Wieden's lacks digital expertise).

I suppose this confirms my advice of yesterday to young creatives (in fact it probably means the advice applies to ALL creatives) -

You've got to be able to do digital.

I mean, who would hire a team that couldn't do, say, print?


Anonymous said...

There's so much talk of digital these days but what are the great digital campaigns? I mean really good, big ideas - especially in the UK? There seem to me to be a lot of people making reps and money from digital yet the work is poor both in terms of idea and execution

Scamp said...

Well, the best is good.

e.g. Lynx 'feather', Lynx 'blow', and Mini 'Ave A Word'

Anonymous said...

I grant you that the tehnology of something like Lynx Blow is clever - but just blowing a girls clothes off? Hardly a great idea is it? I've still yet to see anything great since Subservient Chicken and that was what - 3 or 4 years ago now? The really creative people in digital seem to be the techy ones who can build stuff but where are the great ideas people and why does it all look so badly art directed?

Scamp said...

Yes the work could be better.

That's why the above-the-line agencies think they can take business away from the pure digital agencies.

So that's why I'm advising young teams who want to work at above-the-line agencies to be able to do digital too.

Anonymous said...

Probably should have a read of this too.

The work will be better/different as more of us above the line embrace digital. Online, clients will need to rethink how they engage with an audience. With a bit of luck that will see us more able to do what we do with less artificial hurdles and simply communicate with people.