Saturday, March 17, 2007

The King

No Friday poll yesterday, I'm on a short break in Morocco, so I'll keep it running for another week.

This is an interesting and beautiful place.

On the roads out of the airport, there are many large posters of the King, in a sort of 'welcome to my country' pose.


Made me think... shouldn't there be huge posters of the Queen as you come out of Heathrow? Or perhaps Tony Blair?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it would be nice to give people one last chance to reconsider.

Spunk said...

stretching that'll be Gordon Brown's mug in Heathrow! Gives me the shivers.

Anonymous said...

King Tesco

Anonymous said...

not betty windsor's petrified visage surely.

didn't bbh do a great airport poster for BA(?)once?

picture of a sunny tropical isle with the line WELCOME TO BRITAIN. HOME OF IRONY.

play to your strengths.