Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Hummer In Your Happy Meal

This post on the official McDonalds blog defends their promotion that put a toy Hummer in kids' meals. Some of the comments are hiliarious.

Great find by Dan Germain

Dan (he works at Innocent) also says some embarrassingly complimentary things about my blog. But don't let that lapse of judgement deter you from reading his blog. It's very good.


Stanley Johnson said...

A much better find by Dan is the album by Field Music. He's obviously a man of taste.

As for the Hummer promo, check this out:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As we know Mc Donalds is widespreaded everywhere in the world.I think McDonalds develops good thing to advertise Hummers.

Unknown said...

McDonald's is spending a fortune on proving how eco-friendly they are and not completely destroying the planet, now they come out with a promotion for a vehicle that is the exact opposite of the message they're trying to send.
Of course Hummer vehicles, especially Hummer limo are fascinating, but such promotion of two different spheres are not advisably.