Monday, November 27, 2006

What Inspires You?

Saw a great new ad yesterday, for the British Heart Foundation. Here it is.

My first reaction was pleasure and admiration. 'That's great'. A second later, the jealousy kicked in. 'Wonder who did it... hope it wasn't someone I know.' And then the fear. 'Shit, I've got to work harder. Got to write better ads.'

So if I ask honestly what inspires me... the No.1 is probably good ads. Even if what they inspire is mostly jealousy and fear.

At No.2 I would put blogs. I've been exposed to more inspiring thoughts and concepts in the year since I started reading blogs than in three or four normal years.

At No.3 I'm going to put people. I'm lucky enough to have many people around me - colleagues, friends, family - who say inspiring things, and do inspiring things. Why they choose to hang out with me, I have no idea.

So - ads, blogs, people.

What are your 3?


Anonymous said...

People who blog about ads.





Subramaniam Avinash said...

My past.
My past.
My future.

Anonymous said...

1. My scrapbooks (both physical and virtual) of found items & articles

2. Blogs (other peoples scrapbooks).

3. Lying in a hammock on a beach with a cold beer in my hand.

Anonymous said...

People - everyone has something interesting to say if you can listen

Blogs (self explanatory)

Fodder totally unrelated to what I'm working on (usually a clue for something new)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...