Friday, July 07, 2006

Breakfast With Blogmeister

Had breakfast this morning with blog guru, genius planner and (as it turns out) extremely down-to-earth nice guy Rusell Davies.

As many of you will know, Russell has a keen interest in egg, bacon, chips and beans. I hope he liked the fare at Raffles.

The idea was to plan a 'Blogclash', a mooted joint-hosting in which planners and creatives would joust across the blogosphere.

But Russell has enough ideas to fill 100 hours (or indeed 100 posts), so we got pleasantly distracted and didn't get around to cracking the format for this blogclash. I suspect this is partly also because I am bursting with a Larry David-esque exasperation about planning, and Russell is just a lot more laidback and doesn't feel at all vitriolic towards creatives.

His theory is that creatives suffer so much rejection on a daily basis, they need to take it out on someone and that someone tends to be planners! Very neat. Give me a few days, I will think of a snappy come-back.


Anonymous said...

Actually, we love planners. It’s the account team that we...


Anonymous said...

thanks Scamp, you're very kind.

It was fun. We should do that again.

You realise of course that I'm just a master manipulator who's learnt to play you creatives like my orchestra of magic violins. Play, you whiney children!

Er. Sorry. Real me slipped out there for a second. I'll go back to being amiable.

copyranter said...

he seems to be a "planner" I would actually not beat the shit out of.

perfect breakfast, btw.

Scamp said...

ah, i must confess i nicked that breakfast shot from russell's flickr

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Where are the mushrooms?!!

Anonymous said...

It would drive me mad if my work ending up/not ended up in the bin depended on someone else's opinion. Do creatives see planners's roles as helping getting work through? What does it take for a creative to like working with planners,or do they just get in the way?

Scamp said...

That, Andrew, is one of the key questions, I feel.

And maybe we'll get it answered. See 'Blogclash' above.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I completely agree with Andrew's comment about "not wanting someone else decide whether your idea is good or not" - isn't that what a CD does?

Don't they make a call on whether the work you've done is good, bad or needs improving?

And if that is the case, then the real issue could be that creatives simply don't believe planners opinions are worth considering because they don't believe they'd know creativity if it came up and smashed them in the face.