Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Carlsberg 1, Nike 0

The Carlsberg world cup ad

is approximately 1 million times better than

the Nike world cup ad.

Carlsberg's pub team of retired England players is a brilliant idea: funny, well-shot... every second is a pure joy for the football fan.

Nike's hiring of Eric Cantona to urge us to 'play beautiful' is earnest, wooden, and looks like it was shot by a corporate video director's 55 year old uncle. Who is also blind.

The idea is moronic. Who WOULD be in favour of cheating? No one. So it's trite. And has no soul. Did a girl write it?

The only snag about the Carlsberg ad is that people might start saying Saatchi's are good again. That would be an error.

1 comment:

copyranter said...

Being a novice Yank "soccer" fan, I actually kinda liked the Cantona spot at first, because I thought it was cheeky. But as I realized it was deadly serious, I became perplexed but its lameness.