Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not Voodoo

I've discovered a rather good new blog called Not Voodoo, by an advertising creative who uses the pseudonym 'Gordon Comstock'.

Here's a funny picture he took:

And here are three examples of his writing:

If you were the Chapman brothers (both of them, so you wouldn’t have to argue about it) you could do a series of poor copies of adverts, or even just copies of ads taken from YouTube, and sell them for millions as studies of the relation between commercial ideas and ideas that sell. It wouldn’t be good, or even original, art, but it would really annoy advertising people.

Recently my Art Director produced a visual for charity ad that was so unpleasant anyone seeing it involuntarily recoiled in shock. We were all ready to do it, but at the final moment discovered that, like most unpleasant things you’d really like to do, it had already been done in France.

I was put in mind of a cyber-spat I had with Neil Boorman, erstwhile Shoreditch Twat, about his book the Bonfire of the Brands. I'd picked a fight with him based on the fact that he was using Facebook, a brand, a rather big brand, to promote his anti-brand book. He clocked that I worked in advertising and basically told me to fuck off, saying sarcastically, "actually you're right, I really want to work in advertising, this whole burning all my possessions thing is just an attempt to get my book in at Mother."

It's a blog worth keeping an eye on, I reckon.


Anonymous said...


I'd like to take a couple of moments to reflect on the breathtaking, jaw-dropping crapness of that jameson's ad.


Anonymous said...

I concur. Unutterable crud.

But on a lighter note, what a jolly good blog discovery Scamp. Written by the sort of person I'd quite happily spend an afternoon in the pub shirking work with.

Anyone know who he/she really is?

Ben Kay said...

Gordon Comstock is the name of an ad man from George Orwell's 'Keep The Aspidistra Flying'.

That is an excellent blog. Well written and interesting.

Sell! Sell!'s is really good, too - and deserves a bigger audience (although I'm not sure how big its audience is).

Anonymous said...

The Jameson's ads are very crap creatively, but loads of people are taking up the moustacho-finger craze.

Sell! Sell! said...

I hadn't spotted this, how very kind ITIABTWC, much appreciated.
Anyone thinking of dropping by our blog is most welcome.

Aparna said...

this is really funny, thanks for sharing with us.