Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Election Fever Very Mild

Why does hardly anyone from advertising want to be on the D&AD executive committee any more?

This is the list of people who have nominated themselves:

D&AD Executive Elections 2008

Warren Beeby
Anita Brightley-Hodges
Paul Cilia La Corte
Alan Dye
Derek Johnston
Sigi Mayer
Marcello Minale
Paul Owen
Pal Pang
Kate Shaw
Jim Sutherland
Adam White

Simon Learman
Victor Ng

Karen Cunningham

Simon Learman is joint-ECD at McCanns; Victor Ng works at Mother. Both good candidates. But arguably, not Gods. So why are the ‘Gods’ not standing?

“I've served on the exec and I wouldn't bother again," one ECD told me. "It was incredibly frustrating - but I wonder if this is part of the wider disillusionment with D&AD amongst ad creatives.”

A former D&AD President I spoke to stressed that he was honoured to have had the role, but found the organisation “slow and old-fashioned.”

“The last thing I wanted was to achieve fuck-all,” he said. “But that’s what ended up happening.”

And another ECD I got in touch with claimed: “There’s a real weakening going on. I look at the ballot and I haven’t bothered filling it in for the last 3 years.”

Simon Learman’s plans for D&AD seem basically sound - he says: “I’m beginning to wonder if there are too many categories, too many pencils, which means the awards night leaves everyone trying to catch their breath.”

And he worries that while D&AD “runs a superior ship, and is a good and true barometer for creative excellence” it may be “trying to be all things to all people… diluting its worth.”

Crikey, I'm becoming such a journalist. Anyway, what do you think? Are the candidates less good this year? Or do our ECD’s just think they are, in the same way they probably think policemen are getting younger? Let me know.


Anonymous said...


a good organisation getting ripped to shreds by spoiled children.

Anonymous said...

Because the advertising content in D&AD nowadays is shite from Singapore. Not the clubby London ECD's scratching each other's back fest it used to be.
Bring back the good old days, awards for everyone and shenanogans in the Grosvenor House hotel.
D&AD is rapidly losing its status. Cannes is now the big'un.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth is Victor Ng? You say he's from Mother but what work has he done? Ten years ago it was people like Graham Fink, Tom Carty, Dave Dye, Peter Souter and Alex Taylor. I don't have to ask what they've done.

This is further proof that D&AD has slipped right down the pan. I didn't even buy the last annual. I already had all the ads in my copies of Archive/CR/Creativity Online.

The juries are full of no marks whose opinions I care nothing about. Chasing after the international dollar has led to an organisation going after size rather than 'stimulation, not congratulation'.

D&AD has lost its relevance and its pencils have lost their shine.

George said...

As discussed here a few months ago, despite the D&AD's flaws, the pencil is still sacred, and the one to win according to most people. Cannes is second best, but the gap appears to be closing.

Anonymous said...

Is he back at Mother then? I thought he had left to go back to Singapore and was at Leo B there?

Anonymous said...

yes, like many scamp asian creatives, he can't have had much luck getting proper legitimate ads out.

Crivens said...

All awards have lost their shine. Being lauded by the normal bunch of jumped up fuckos who make up awards juries these days is hardly a ringing endorsment of anyone's talents.

Now who, despite not knowing who I am nor how many awards I have won, is going to make a hilarious joke implying that I am merely bitter about not having won any awards?

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of it the D&AD workshops have gone down the shitter too. I keep hearing from people that the sessions are often cancelled and they are no longer being held by good quality creatives at top twenty agencies. Take Poor old Wal for instance, he has been to Feel and WDMP so far. It explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because ads are so terrible these days - who'd want to sit looking at a load of crap, trying to decide which one stinks the least?

Or maybe it's because the 'gods' (oh, please) realise - unlike you, Scamp - that awards are not the be all and end all.

Or maybe it's because they realise that outside of a tiny and utterly irrelevant circle, there is no-one who actually gives a shit about advertising, advertising 'creatives' and the D&AD itself.


Anonymous said...

anon 1:11

Are your trying to suggest people have lives outside of advertising?

Surely not. It can't be true.

Anonymous said...

d&ad going down the pan? hardly. just check out the quality in the 'other' section.

PH said...

Kinsale Shark film and radio nominations are in. On the website tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I think that's a different Karen Cunningham (although the real one has hardly filled D&AD's pages on a regular basis).

Is that the real Sanky? Fucking bloody shitting hell.

Anonymous said...

Its used to be called British Design & Art Direction, now its called the D&AD Global Awards, which makes its just like Cannes but without the rose and fun times, just the British weather, which is shit btw, just like the awards have become.

sorry, just moaning, still would like a pencil, maybe i should move to singapore and work on a battery/matchbox/tabasco account or something and give myself a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

It used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken because there was actual Chicken in it. Now it's called 'KFC'.

It used to be called Design and Art Direction, now it's called D&AD Global Awards.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting to note how a few months back there was the same level of bickering around these parts concerning Cannes. Now it's D&AD which has gone down the sink. I intend to keep any and all possible hypotheses on this strange account to myself.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.46
both awards are suffering from awarding scam ads. they should both insist on tear sheets for all print work and media schedules for tv entries.

Paul said...
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Anonymous said...

Sadly for you, these seemingly immortal advertising 'Gods' aren't 'Gods' anymore. The majority of them are out of touch, both ideas and media-wise. It's time to worry old-timers, the new school have arrived and are ready to make you feel completely and utterly past it.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8.27. I dont see any mention of Gods. And who are these Gods who aren't Gods any more? Name names!

Anonymous said...

i dunno. maybe d and ad is not just abut your shitty egos

it is amazing at educating young kids

give a little, you selfish cunts

and keep supporting them

mcclunge said...

Young kids? Young kids? What, like toddlers? Ten-year olds? No. A bunch of selfish cunts who want to wank their working lives away pretending to do some actual work. Lets encourage no one to work in advertising. It'll only fuck them up. And even if they do go in, who gives a shit if they've been educated or not. Plenty of good creatives have got by without an outreach program from that 'charity'. Got a brain? You don't need D&AD. And, by the way, it's the nuclear industry that needs new blood and education, otherwise no one's going to be able to run the power plants when the current bunch are dead. So D&AD is actually doing the country a disservice. Let's drown the whole lot in acid today. Except for the lovely people Paul mentioned. Let's give them proper jobs like fetching my fucking latte in the morning or cleaning the dirt-grooves of my Prada trainers.

Anonymous said...

As one of the many young creatives recently let loose on the streets from advertising courses, I feel that DandAD in the flesh pales in comparison to the myth touted around town by our esteemed teachers. New Blood was a sham. It was built up for months on our course and no one who was anyone even bothered to turn up...and dont get me started on the price of the sandwiches! I am also on the digital workshop at the moment, or I would be if it didnt keep getting rescheduled/cancelled!

paul said...

I don't think scam is as big an issue at D&AD as it is at Cannes. For me the big issue with D&AD is the fact that it's trying to be like Cannes - and why do we need another Cannes? D&AD lost touch with its heartland membership when it went off chasing money from around the world under the disastrous leadership of [defamatory bit removed by Scamp]. Sudddenly there was a huge influx of foreign jurors too and then any ad which was seen as a brilliant reflection of British culture (St Rooney, Economist Jordan etc) wasn't understood or rewarded. Of course the Creative Cirlce has capitalised on this shift in D&AD's positioning but the disillusionment felt by many UK creatives that their premier awards scheme had deserted them is probably reflected in the lack of interest in serving on the exec now. In all of this I feel sorry for the staff at D&AD who are generally a lovely bunch of hard working people who have been through a crap time of late and still don't have a leader to replace Hockney after what must be getting on for a year now

Anonymous said...

re: anon 8.27
The junior programmer at NewBiz Design has spoken

Anonymous said...

At this rate we'll have Wal chairing the D&AD by 2010...

m denton esq said...

Paul (11;06pm), thanks for mentioning the Creative Circle. In case anyone doesn't know, I,ve been president of the CC for the past couple of years.
I only got involved in the first place because I didn't like the way D&AD was going. I thought that the easiest way to improve it was to set up some stiff competition.
The new CC annual goes to press pretty soon. I know that I'm biased but I think it'll give D&AD's latest effort a run for its money.
Things have worked out quite nicely since I stuck my nose into the CC, but I still need some creative help. I need some more concepts for our sponsors ads, I need some clients for the role reversal seminar, and the Creative Circle needs a new president (any suggestions or volunteers please contact me at the CC office).
Believe it or not I'm still committed to D&AD, but I think the best service I can render is to continue being a burr under its saddle.

j said...

D&AD still has that little bit of dignity largely because it is British. I’m no British but the British-ness of it – however little it has left – and it’s heritage makes it still a revered piece of trophy, especially amongst the old school creatives.

Our CD lives and dies by D&AD. So is his bunch of creative chums and I can see why.

It is a bit like hanging on to an old photograph of an ex.

Funnily enough, the other day, he was lamenting to me how rubbish D&AD has become. Not so much it has opened up to the world, but as an organisation. He said the problem is every chairman has it’s own agenda. And these chairman spent OUR money on stupid things (he didn’t elaborate what these are).
What annoys him even more is D&AD rakes in quite a bit of money every year. But they don’t pay anyone to chair, oversee, judge the awards nor pay the creatives to crit, host and advice the student workshops. Not forgetting the sponsors that appear on the back pages of each annual.

For me, D&AD is running more and more like a business. I mean they are charging students to enter for awards and it’s not as if it is a token sum. When I was in college, I only submitted one entry as I could not afford the money. If memory serves me right, they also charge for those student workshop and one-day ‘special’ workshops and talks.

So where do all the money go?

Anonymous said...

m denton esq said...
Paul (11;06pm), thanks for mentioning the Creative Circle. In case anyone doesn't know, I,ve been president of the CC for the past couple of years.

lets be honest, you became president to give yourself awards for that mexican crap, one of 8 books that year about mexican wrestlers.

anyway, moving on to d&ad.

this same debate has raged for years, ever since they merged design and advertising, when we started feeling less special. if everyone on here was given a pencil this year, we'd all shut up, until we didn't win the following year. my ECD said 'in older annuals there isn't a single ad that didn't deserve to be there' having every annual since 75 i looked through them again. every annual has its dogs, every annual has the ads that should have got more or was missed completely. but that's the problem with any awards. if it's award winning work and doesn't win, you book will still be the better for it, so i don't see the problem. the d&ad gives us a barometer to aim for, which in any industry, can only be good.
they have awards in the paper manufacturing industry(among others), the same debate is raging on their blogs too.

m denton esq said...

10:31 am...........that's fighting talk where I come from........lucky for you I've moved!

Anonymous said...

"they have awards in the paper manufacturing industry(among others), the same debate is raging on their blogs too."

Yes, but it's about levels of insufferableness. Really, when it comes to self-regarding wankers with highly-inflated - and totally misplaced - egos, advertising types beat paper manufacturing types hands down.

Anonymous said...

yep, that was kind of the point.
we all need to take a breath.

and i'm sorry mr D, but you know i'm right, you won't be the first and you sure as hell won't be the last.

Paul said...

Anon at 10.31. Your jibe at Mr Denton would carry a lot more weight if you had the balls to put your name. It's not too late and he won't bite (much)

m denton esq said...

Actually 10:31 I won't bite at all. I'm happy to have a debate about anything I've ever been involved with, whether it's Lucha Loco, Creative Circle or my socks. Pop round and I'll make you a cup of tea if you're too shy to go public.

Anonymous said...

bk said...

And didn't the Lucha Loco campaign get into D&AD a few times?

Is that ironic? Possibly not.

m'lady said...

given the amount of time of time, effort and sheer willpower that mr d has put into CC to turn it around, i think even he would agree that winning an award for Lucha Loco wouldn't have been worth it!

Anonymous said...

sorry mark, it wasn't a targeted attack at you, more at the way awards can sometimes be distributed. and to be fair, when the creative circle starts being touted as the d&ad, it needs to be taken down a peg or two.
food and beverage award anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Scamp.
Not a word on your Fallen hero?

Anonymous said...

D&AD is shit. Two digital workshops and then cancelled for 3 months. absolutely terrible organisation by Lydia Shaw, they took our 60 quid and then vanished. Absolutely lost relevance and respect from me.