Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gold Is In The Detail

Really nice film featuring Dave Droga as an animated dog, talking about the type of advertising he likes, and how to win a pencil.

It's part of D&AD's 2008 call for entries.

via Living Brands


Anonymous said...

tip to dave droga, bob scarpelli and mark tuttsell.

take a week away from speaking at conferences/judging/incessantly bullshitting. just one week.

you're not that interesting and we'll all feel much better!

Anonymous said...

These guys are professional jurors. In fairness to droga his shop is doing some interesting stuff. the other two are Chicago fat cats

Anonymous said...

actually no, anon. you're wrong.

they are all holding company operatives with pr budgets. guess who spends a lot on awards show entries? yup. guess who gets to judge? yup again.

hegarty, henry and abbott were visionaries. because they had the balls to do it for themselves.

big difference.

head said...

Actually 4.14am. what a load of BS.

Droga is doing it for himself. You forget, he walked away from one of biggest jobs to go set up on his own. And it's pretty damn good work.