Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do Brands Need To Become More Like Politicians?


The question always used to be phrased the other way around. But now I'm not so sure. The latest web effort of Conservative party leader David Cameron is fresh, candid and engaging... really rather good. I decided to compare it with the website of a random brand. The first brand that popped into my head was Wheat Crunchies. As you can see, their website is piss-poor. Not very scientific, but there you go. The politicians won it.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that David Cameron's closest adviser is said to be Steve Hilton. I worked with Steve at Saatchi's once, and he was a pretty decent account man. Who knows? Maybe if Cameron is elected then Steve will get a safe seat, become a minister, and eventually P.M. himself. Advertising's first prime minister. Why not? Electing lawyers hasn't done much for us so far.

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Anonymous said...

Forget lawyers, we have a bad habit of electing actors here.